Colonel Luke Birne’s Foot

Active1641 to 1642
ConflictsIrish Confederate War
ColonelLuke Birne
Area RaisedLeinster
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesLeinster

Irish foot raised soon after the rebellion in Leinster

Service History



  • Siege of Carnew Castle, Wicklow
  • Reduced into the new Leinster ‘running army’ regiments1)


Likely an irregular collection of rebels rather than a formally organised regiment.

Coats, Flags & Equipment

Notable Officers

Luke Birne

Officer List


Contemporary Documents

THE COPIE OF A COMISSION GRANTED BY LUKE BIRNE a prime Commander of Ireland, whose Grandfather was M. Feagh Hugh an Arch Traytor in Q. Elizabeths-Raign, to execute mar∣shall Law upon all the Protestants.

KNow ye to whom these presents shal come That I Colonell Luke Birne doe constitute, ordaine, and appoint my wel-beloved A. T. to be our lawfull Deputy and Substitute in our Names, and to our and his owne, and the wel-fare of the Weale publickes, uses and behalfe, to exe∣cute our power in the defence of our faith and the Liberties of our Country in all parts, to the utter∣most of his power, according to our Superiours and our owne vowes and promises made and taken in that behalfe, and to seize, rescue, take, and keep all Protestants goods wheresoever they shall finde them, and to be responsible to us for the same, as occasion shall require: And also to execute Mar∣shall Law after mature deliberation and due exami∣nation on all malefactors and Offenders, according to the nature of their offences, and as they shall de∣merit, and what our substitutes shall lawfully doe, execute, or cause to be done or execute in the pre∣mises, we doe ratifie allow, and confirme, as wee had been present, as witnesse our hand this 14. of December, Anno 1641.

Luke Birne.

See Also

1) Sir John Thomas Gilbert, A History of Affairs in Ireland, from 1641 to 1652: Now for the First Time Published with an Appendix of Original Letters and Documents, Volume 1, Part 1. 1879 p41