Colonel Tadhg O’ Connor Sligo’s Regiment of Foot

Active1642 - 1645?
ConflictsIrish Confederate War
ColonelTadhg O’ Connor Sligo
Area RaisedConnaught
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field Armies

Irish Confederate foot forming garrison of Sligo

Service History


  • January: Regiment raised.
  • March: Siege of ManorHamilton


  • April: Attack on ManorHamilton (under Taaffe)?


  • July 8th: Sligo taken. Regiment destroyed?


O' Connor may have lost command of the regiment for a period in 1643 when his arrest was ordered over his involvement in the Sligo Gaol massacre. He appears to have been back in command by 1645. The Regiment may have passed to Col Luke Taaffe during this period.

See The History of Sligo: Town and County - Volume 1 By Terrence O’Rorke (1889) available at

Coats, Flags & Equipment

Notable Officers

Tadhg O'Connor Sligo

Luke Taaffe

Younger brother of Viscount Theobald Taaffe of Ballymote.

Officer List

  • Captain Charles O'Connor (Colonel's brother)
  • Captain Hugh O'Connor (Colonel's brother)
  • Captain Luke Taaffe? (later Colonel?)
  • Captain Bryan MacDonagh? (later Lt-Col under Taaffe?)


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