Colonel Christopher Barnwall’s Regiment of Foot

Active 1641-1642
ConflictsIrish Confederate War
ColonelChristopher Barnwall
Area RaisedLouth
Coat Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field Armies

Irish Catholic Confederate Regiment of foot

Service History


  • November: Raised


  • May: Siege of King John's Castle Limerick?
  • May: Barnwall a prisoner by this time


At a meeting of the gentry and freeholders of the county of Louth on November 1st 1641, held with representatives of the Ulster rebells, it was agreed to raise a regiment of foot. Officers were appointed at a second meeting a few days later. Barnwall was made Colonel although he was apparently the third choice after the Lord of Louth [Oliver Plunkett 6th Baron Louth?] and Sir Christopher Bellew. By May 1642 Barnwall was in the custody of the Dublin authorities.

Barnwall was at the siege of King John's Castle

Coats, Flags and Equipment

Notable Officers

Christopher Barnwall

of Rathescar

Officer List

  • Colonel Christopher Barnwall
  • Lieutenant Colonel Bartholemew Saint Lawrence (of Crustowne)
  • Major William Warren (of Cashelstowne)
  • Captain Stephen Dowdell (of Killellie)
  • Captain William Plunkett (of Bewley)
  • Captain Stephen Clynton (of Porte. May be the same man as “one Clinton” who was lieutenant to Sir Christopher Bellew and brought a company with him)
  • Captain John Varden (of Clonmoore)
  • Captain Ihon Babe [or Bale] (of Darver)
  • Captain Walter Whyte (of Balreyen)
  • Captain Patrick Garland (of the Water)
  • Captain Henry Garnan (of Myltowne)
  • Captain John Bellew (of Willestowne)
  • Captain Ihon Stanley (of Marlestowne)


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