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 +======Colonel Thomas Morgan’s Regiment of Foot======
 +<WRAP right>
 +|**Active**|1657 to 1659|
 +|**Conflicts**|Anglo-Spanish War|
 +|**Colonel**|Thomas Morgan|
 +|**Area Raised**||
 +|**Coat Colour**|Red|
 +|**Flag Colour**||
 +|**Flag Design**||
 +|**Field Armies**|Turenne 1657-8|
 +| |Morgan 1658-9|
 +//​Protectorate regiment of foot serving in Flanders, including at the Battle of the Dunes, before going into garrison at Dunkirk, then returning to England//
 +===== Service History =====
 +  *April: Raised in England
 +  *May: Land at Boulogne
 +  *June to August: Siege of Montmedy?
 +  *August: Storm of St Venant
 +  *August: Relief of Ardes?
 +  *September: Siege of Mardyke?
 +  *October: Defence of Mardyke
 +  *May to June: Siege of Dunkirk
 +  *June: Battle of the Dunes
 +  *Serving under Morgan
 +  *June: Siege of Bergues
 +  *September: Capture of Ypres
 +  *Based at Amiens
 +  *June: Garrison Dunkirk
 +  *August: Return to England
 +  *August: Morgan’s regiment reduced into Cochrane’s and Clarke’s
 +A history of the regiment is given in //The Regimental History of Cromwell'​s Army// by Sir Charles Firth and Godfrey Davies, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1940
 +Morgan’s regiment were raised in England in 1657 for service in Flanders. Shipped to Flanders, in 1657 and 1658 they joined Turenne’s army and served at St Venant, Mardyke, the siege of Dunkirk and in the victory at the Battle of the Dunes. Subsequently the regiment were part of Morgan’s command at the sieges of Bergues and Ypres, spending the winter at Amiens. In August 1659 they returned to England where they were reduced into Cochrane’s and Clarke’s regiments. ​
 +=====Coats, Flags and Equipment=====
 +Red coats. ​
 +=====Notable Officers=====
 +====Thomas Morgan====
 +[[http://​www.british-civil-wars.co.uk/​biog/​morgan.htm|Thomas Morgan]]
 +=====See Also======
 +===== Links =====