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 [[http://​www.pepysdiary.com/​encyclopedia/​13726/​|Thomas Fitch]] [[http://​www.pepysdiary.com/​encyclopedia/​13726/​|Thomas Fitch]]
 ====Henry Smith==== ====Henry Smith====
 +Appointed colonel but never took command
 ====Miles Mann==== ====Miles Mann====
 +Previously Lt Col of the regiment
 +====Officer Lists====
 +Colonel Thomas Fitch'​s Regiment of Foot((Worcester College Oxford, Clarke Manuscripts))
 +  *Colonel'​s company at Inverness Citadel
 +  *Lt Colonel Miles Mann's company at Inverness Citadel
 +  *Major John Hill's company at Inverness Castle, "A sergeant, a corporall and 14 men in ye friggott"​ at Loughness, "a sergeant, a corporal and 12 men" at Cromarty Castle
 +  *Captain Anthony Langrish'​s company at Inverness Citadel
 +  *Captain Edward Erbury'​s company at Inverness Citadel
 +  *Captain Henry Clare'​s company at Inverness Citadel
 +  *Captain Richard Lower'​s company at Inverness Citadel
 +  *Captain George Bateman'​s company at Sinclair Castle
 +  *Captain Abraham Spooner'​s company at Shetland Isles
 +  *Captain Anthony Wilkes'​ company at Ruthin Castle
 =====Strength===== =====Strength=====
 =====See Also====== =====See Also======