Colonel Robert Tothill’s Regiment of Foot

Active1649 to 1653
ConflictsIrish Confederate War
ColonelRobert Tothill
Richard Lehunt
Area RaisedEngland
Coat ColourRed?
Flag Colour
Flag Design
Field ArmiesJones 1649
Ireton 1651

Later Colonel Richard Lehunt’s Regiment of Foot

Commonwealth regiment of foot serving in Ireland

Service History


  • November: Tothill contracted to raise 1200 foot in England for service in Ireland


  • March: Recruiting completed and quartered in Cheshire
  • May: Shipped to Dublin
  • May: Mutiny at Dublin
  • August: Battle of Rathmines?


  • May: Lehunt commissioned to raise a regiment by Cromwell


  • June to October: Siege of Limerick
  • July: Tothill court-martialled and replaced by Lehunt



  • Disbanded


A history of the regiment is given in The Regimental History of Cromwell's Army by Sir Charles Firth and Godfrey Davies, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1940

The regiment were formed in 1649 from disbanded volunteers of the Second Civil War and, allegedly, Royalist prisoners from Colchester. They gained a reputation for disorderly conduct in England. Shipped to Ireland, the regiment reinforced Michael Jones but mutinied at Dublin. They continued to serve in Ireland, fighting at the siege of Limerick in 1651. On taking surrender of an Irish outpost on promise of quarter, Tothill executed his prisoners and was subsequently court-martialled by Ireton and dismissed.

In 1650 Cromwell had commissioned Lehunt to raise a regiment of foot, but recruiting was slow and it was still incomplete by 1651. After Tothill’s dismissal Lehunt was given command of Tothill’s old regiment, likely supplemented with his own recruits. The regiment was disbanded in 1653.

Coats, Flags and Equipment

Notable Officers

Robert Tothill

Tothill served in Staffordshire in the First Civil War. He was court-martialled by Ireton for failing to honour a promise of quarter at the siege of Limerick in June 1651.

Richard Lehunt

Lehunt had served in the First Civil War as a cornet of dragoons then as a captain in Colonel Charles Fleetwood's Regiment of Horse of the Eastern Association. In the Second Civil War he took command of a troop of horse raised in West Wales during Cromwell’s Welsh campaign.

Officer List

Quartered around St Albans 16481)

  • Captain Woodcock
  • Captain Burges
  • Captain Commings

Officers on arrival in Ireland.

  • Col. Robert Tothill (of Tothill Cambridgeshire)
  • Lt Col. Charles Harra (O'Hara)
  • Major John Warren (of Middlesex)
  • 1st Capt. Nicholas Moore
  • 2nd Capt. Gibbins
  • 3rd Capt. Newcomen
  • 4th Capt. Rolland Oakeley
  • 5th Capt. Thomas Duckenfield (of Duckenfield Cheshire)
  • 6th Capt. William Shore
  • 7th Capt. John Woodkocke (of Aston Parva Shropshire)


  • Authorised: 1200 men
  • April 1649: 1127 men with 100 more ‘coming up’
  • 1649:10 companies

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