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   *June to July: Besieged at Drogheda   *June to July: Besieged at Drogheda
   *July: Surrender at Drogheda, most change sides, remnants march to Dublin   *July: Surrender at Drogheda, most change sides, remnants march to Dublin
 +  *August: Battle of Rathmines?
   *August: Disbanded by Cromwell’s order   *August: Disbanded by Cromwell’s order
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 =====Notable Officers===== =====Notable Officers=====
 ==== Anthony Hungerford==== ==== Anthony Hungerford====
-Was absent ​in England during ​the siege of Drogheda, raising more recruitsleaving Lt Col Foulkes as governor of Drogheda. ​+[[https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Anthony_Hungerford_(Roundhead)|Anthony Hungerford]] was shot in the head at Dungan'​s Hill but survivedretiring to England. Ho was absent in England ​raising more recruits leaving Lt Col Foulkes as governor of Drogheda ​during the siege. He was to return to Ireland but the regiment was disbanded instead.  
 +====Officer List==== 
 +===April 1647=== 
 +Mustered at Dublin((Historical Manuscripts Commission, Fourteenth Report, Appendix, Part VII, The Manuscripts of the Marquis of Ormonde, p199-200)) 
 +  *Colonel Anthony Hungerford 
 +  *Lt Col. Fouks 
 +  *Sgt Maj. William Aston 
 +  *Capt. Humphrey Mackworth 
 +  *Capt. Thomas Croxton 
 +  *Capt. Myles Ashton 
 +  *Capt. Joseph Foxe 
 +  *Capt. Francis Haslam 
 +  *CaptHenrie Hunt 
 =====Strength===== =====Strength=====
   *May 1647: 912 men, besides officers   *May 1647: 912 men, besides officers