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 ====== English Regiments of the Bishops'​ Wars ====== ====== English Regiments of the Bishops'​ Wars ======
 +This section includes English regiments of the Bishops'​ Wars of 1639 and 1640. Scottish regiments are listed in the [[covenanter:​|
 +Covenanter]] and [[scots-royalist:​|Scots Royalist]] sections. ​
   * [[Bishops Wars:​English Foot Regiments:​|Foot Regiments]]   * [[Bishops Wars:​English Foot Regiments:​|Foot Regiments]]
   * [[Bishops Wars:​English Horse Regiments:​|Horse Regiments]]   * [[Bishops Wars:​English Horse Regiments:​|Horse Regiments]]
 +  * [[Bishops Wars:​Staff&​Artillery:​|Staff,​ Artillery Etc]]
-This section will include English regiments of the Bishops' ​Wars of 1639 and 1640. The Scots will be listed in the 'Covenanters'​ and 'Scots Royalists'​ sections. ​+  * [[Bishops Wars:Bishops Wars Lists:​|Bishops' ​Wars Lists]]