Sir Thomas Lunsford’s Regiment of Foot

ConflictsSecond Bishops’ War
ColonelsSir Thomas Lunsford
Area RaisedSomerset
Coat Colourunknown
Flag Colourunknown
Flag Designunknown
Field Armies1640

English infantry regiment that was raised for the Second Bishops’ War of 1640 1)

Service History


  • Raised in Somerset
  • August: Battle of Newburn Ford


Lunsford had extensive problems with discipline on the march north, allegedly shooting several mutinous soldiers in self-defence. The regiment held the sconces at Newburn Ford , forming the main target of the Scots artillery. Suffering greatly from concentrated canon-fire they held out for quite some time but eventually fled, despite Lunsford's best efforts 2). Notably the regiment were only at two-thirds strength on return to Yorkshire.

Coats and Flags

Notable Officers

Sir Thomas Lunsford

Officer List

The Names of all the Colonels, Lieutenant Colonels, Sergeant Majors, Captains, Lieutenants, Ensigns, Preachers, Chirurgeons, Quarter-masters, Provost Marshals, under his Excellency the Earl of Northumberland, Captain General for this Expedition 1640. Taken according to the Muster Roll after the Armies Retreat from Newcastle into York. 3)

•Lunsford, Colonel. •Hen. Lunsford, Lieutenant Col. •Powell, Sergeant Major.

Captains. •Dilon •Harbert Lunsford •Francis Martin •Thomas Cupper •Hugh Pomeroy •Edward Powell •Edward Hippesley.

Lieutenants. •John Iremonger •Thomas Owen •John Sanbedge •Thomas Carrow •Ralph Lilley •Allen Povey •Poynton Castillion •Philip Chalwell •Edward Hulstone •William Cheney.

Ensigns. •Titus Layton •Robert Skerrew •Edward Fowles •John Meredith •Philemon Sanders •William Atkins •William Bellow •Greevile Cary •John Cole

•Preacher. •Chirurgeon. •Quarter-Master, Anth. Witherings. •Provost Marshal, Elias Hickmar.


  • 1200 planned to be raised (Somerset)
August 30th 1640

Mustered on return to Yorkshire 4)

  • Col. Lansford 163
  • Lieut. Col. Lonsford 71
  • Serg. Ma. Gibbs 72
  • Capt. Powel 62
  • Capt. Lonsford 87
  • Capt. Pomeroy 84
  • Capt. Martin 75
  • Capt. Dillon 61
  • Capt. Capper 68
  • Capt. Hippisley 72
  • Total 815

See Also

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